ORGANIC-BIO-Olive Oil from Crete

Our selected dealers on Crete are two small businesses that we know personally and are very recommendable. The Agia Triada Monastery have produced organic olive oil for many years and belongs together with the family company BIOLEA ( hand on producers) to the oldest organic olive oil producers of Crete. 

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Olive Oil from Monastery Agia Triada

Aroma Creta Gift Pack Deli from Crete Agia Triada


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The organic olive groves of the small family run company BIOLEA are located in the inland of Kolimbari in the village of Astrikas, which belongs to the PDO (Protected Denomination of Origin).The Astrikas Estate organic olive groves are located in the small village of Astrikas 300 m above the sea level in Western Crete. The taste of this precious organic olive oil is influenced by the altitude and microclimate. Biolea, the small family business, has opted for organic olive oil with millstones and presses and fills its bottles directly. For the production of the organic olive oil BIOLEA, the family only uses the olive groves from their own groves, so it is not a collective. In addition to organic farming, Biolea has developed farming methods with respect to the environment.

The organic olive oil from the Monastery “Agia Triada”(Holy Trinity)on the Akrotiri peninsula in Crete. The dry micro-climate on the Akrotiri peninsula also plays an important role here for the organic cultivation. Organic olive oil is made from the famous Koroneiki olives. The organic olive oil from the monastery “Agia Triada” has received many awards and is a very mild olive oil that is also suitable for frying. We are confident that this organic olive oil is topand very good value for money. You ´ll taste the long term experience in organic cultivation of olives in this precious olive oil.