Jewellery made in Greece

Welcome in our market place online shop for fine jewellery made in Greece. All our customers’ orders, be it retail or wholesale, will be made direct by ourindividual Greek designers/manufactures from different regions of Greece.Some of the jewelleries are on order, they will be made individually and some are pre-manufactured. They are all interested to deliver as soon as possible. The artistically creating people have the freedom to show their creations by pictorial and explaining means in order to move other people to dreaming. After having successfully fused some beautiful pieces of jewellery they want to extend the sales possibilities in our Greek We wish them all good luck. Take your time to discover the world of the Greek designers with Mediterranean influence. Collected for you by friends and well-known designers.From all regions of Greece, all affordable and sustainable with quality – standards. Take your time, look for in all collections, we are sure there is something for you thereby. Surprise your sweetheart, friends and business partners with your choice of handmade Greek Jewelry.

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Handmade Rings

The selected ring-collection shows rings in all designs and price-segments, classic design but also fashionable hip-hop design and timeless, elegant design.

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All earrings form a symbiotic relationship of old techniques of authentic know-how with modern art.

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If you want to express your love by the way of gifts, our collection of handmade pendants and necklaces is the best way. The ideal gift for your loved ones.

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All bracelets form a symbiotic relationship of old techniques of authentic know-how with modern art. They are an artistic expression of style, and visual impact and applied design.