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We are looking for dealers and suppliers for the following products and categories for our marketplace. Anything that could appeal to our customers is welcome. Made in Greece.

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a part of is a wellknown information and booking platform for vacation on Crete. Thousends of Greece loving customers are visiting per week and now they will be guided to the marketplace of Greekmarketsquare too. 


Terms and Conditions for using our Website for sellers/dealers/serviceproviders: is a advertising platform/ promotion platform from our company Kreta Reisen – GmbH & Co Kg, Poststr. 3, 40667 Meerbusch, Germany (hereinafter: “we” or “ or Greekmarketsquare”) operating an online marketplace for goods and services from Greece, on the website

Who we are/ what we do? as Tour-Operator and Travel-Expert-Guide for Greece developed in the last 30 years a large client base and regular clients. They are all Greece-Lovers, loving the Greek culture. Our intention is to bind /transfer them to this business with active direct advertising. With our website we give you the opportunity to get in touch with our customers, you´ll benefit from our long-term-clients.

The intention of our website is to create the best representative website for Greek companies (artists, craftsmen, and manufacturers) to show the best of Greece. The offered quality of our dealers/service-providers, sellers on our website will create a collaboration for mutual advertising! So our aim is to have best co-operators to create a prime website for Greek products. This requires not only prime product but prime services and quick and painstaking deliveries.

To ensure this the following general terms and conditions apply to all services between us and you as traders/ sellers, dealers and service-providers:

1.By using our marketplace on our website as dealer/seller/provider you agree with our general terms and conditions.

2. Our online marketplace offers commercial traders the opportunity to merchandise products from Greece.

3. Greekmarketsquare is a marketplace for prime Greek products offering the best quality for the European market.

4. You as seller/dealer or service-provider present your prime products/services on our website and guarantee “Made in Greece”.

5. Supplying of legally binding information: a few words for doing good busines on our website Only you as trader/seller or service-provider have the fully responsibility for the content of your shown product description. The retailer/ seller / service-provider is the legal person is fully responsible for compliance with all copyrights, image rights, licenses, patents. You as the seller, dealer, or service-provider, must ensure that all rights of the customer are respected according to the European law for online sales and online merchandising.

6.Your retailer name must not contain a URL and retailer or store photos, must not contain any content that links to other websites.

7. Prices shown in our website must be competitive but not higher as shown in your own website or other websites. reserves the right to control products, their photos, and prices. is authorized to delete products from the website.

8. is authorized to limit the number of products/items in the sellers/traders/ providers shops in individual cases.

9. Right of termination on the part of The dealers, sellers, providers – product-prices must be competitive sold by the dealer. Higher – Price – Differences are not accepted, this would be both counterproductive and harmful to our company / In this case will reject the product and the seller/dealer/ -service-provider and has the right to demand compensation.

10. Any attempt by a seller/trader/ service-provider to avoid paying a comission-fee is considered fee evasion and is strictly prohibited by This includes, for example, asking buyers to purchase an item/ product shown in our website through another marketplace. 

10 a. A transaction started on may not be completed outside of 

10 b. The price stated in the item description must correspond to the actual purchase price. To avoid transaction fees, sellers are not allowed to change the item price after a sale.

10 c. Incorrect information about the location of the item or the use of another user’s account without permission are also prohibited.

10 d. If the monthly fees are not paid or debited on time, can terminate the contract with the dealer immediately. The dealer must be customer-oriented and meet delivery deadlines. The correct dispatch / dispatch type of the goods must be guaranteed.

11. Termination by the dealer / seller: You have the right to terminate at any time. However, there should be no liabilities to the customer or

12. Methods of Payment: Payment, how does the customer pay you? During the ordering process, the customer can choose to transfer in advance to the retailer’s bank account. For this purpose, the dealer must send the customer his Iban by email after receiving the order confirmation. This means that the customer pays the dealer directly. Further Payment-Options for customers:
Customers can also pay with PayPal or credit cards Visa or Master during the ordering process. With this option, the customer pays directly to the vendor own paypal account. 
You can enter your personal merchant PayPal account when you register your merchant information with us. Clients prefere the last option as it is more safety and customer-friendly and it is also the best for you as you´ll get your money quickly.

13. Tax declaration.  You assure us that these sales will be transferred to the Greek tax office.

14. Sellings out of Europe: Sales outside the EU: Sellers are responsible for complying with the laws and regulations of the destination country. Usually the buyer is responsible for paying customs duties upon receipt of the package. Please note that in some countries certain documents are required before the items are dispatched. Failure to provide the required information may result in a delay in ordering.

15. Commission-Payment to for providing the marketplace: Our commission is 10% of the sales price plus VAT. For our commission statement for the products sold, we will send you a monthly statement via email. All outstanding fees will be charged in full within 28 days of the date of your monthly billing. can charge your credit card on file or withdraw money via PayPal. Otherwise the account will be deemed overdue and reserves the right to terminate your company without notice. can suspend your sales privileges at any time until your outstanding balance is paid. It is billed in euros. 

16. Delivery time / item sale: A disgruntled customer can harm the dealer and the company A good dealer, seller / service-provider sells not only the quality of his products but also his method of delivery. The shown delivery-time must be respected. If you didn´t specified nothing about the delivery-time in the product-description, the shipment must be done within 2 days after payment. The dealer/seller/ service-provider must confirm the shipment immediately to the customer and, but only when the shipment was done.

16 a. Each shipment shall be accompanied by an invoice or a commercial document drawn up by the vendor stating the reference number of the selling.

16 b. The invoice must indicates the transaction of method of the done payment.

16 c. Return-Policy: Information about the return for the buyer must also be added to each shipment. Greekmarketsquare must be informed about the returns you have because greekmarkestquare must immediately refund the payment to the customer.

17. View quality guidelines and EU online business. Do not promise anything that you cannot keep. Don´t violate the EU directives when you describe your products. Exact product guidelines are important for the customer but also for your protection. Expiration date, size information, weight information, colour information, meaning material description. If you sell organic products, the official award must be visible as a picture. In the case of alcohol, the exact% must be given. We take over the basic price information required for the German market and adjust them in the product description.

18.Trading with cosmetic products:

18 a. Cosmetics may also not be assigned a primarily disease-related effect, since an agent that is administered with the aim of alleviating a disease is not a cosmetic.

18 b. The responsible person is the retailer when he sells a cosmetic product under his own name and brand. Every cosmetic product must have a contact person.

18 c. Animal testing-free products, “fair trade” and “natural organic cosmetics” for sensitive skin; It is very important for our customers that no living beings are left to suffer for their cosmetics. It means a different awareness recognizing that there are other methods in the industry and that animal testing conditions are unacceptable.

18 d. When is the “cruelty-free” advertising promise allowed?
Animal testing with cosmetics has been banned in the EU since 2013. It is also forbidden to put cosmetics coming from non EU-Market on the EU market to get around this law. As animal experiments are also prohibited throughout Europe, the advertising notice that cosmetics do not contain animal experiments is only given to themselves.  The statement “no animal testing” may only be used if a cosmetic product has never been tested in an animal test, not even in  preliminary stages in the world or by someone who owns it for given purposes. At this point we draw attention to look closely at the EU-Restrictions

19. Publication of photos on our website for your sales: Only your own photos and videos or photos with permission for our website may be used. Use our support to be provided with a photographer or a film/video-producer for merchandising your products. If a third party complains about photos, the dealer is liable for all costs incurred. You are obliged to ensure that your products and the way they
are presented do not infringe the rights of third parties.

20. Advertising. It is not permitted to use the customer data received from to advertise your own business. That´s strictly forbidden. No sending of advertising emails, sending of articles with your own advertising. You can be sure that we´ll regular advertise our greekmarketsquare, and your products will be shown to our joint customers.

21. Temporary absence.  If it is not possible to receive e-mails or send items daily, e.g., due to absence due to vacation, we need an e-mail, information so that we can temporarily switch off your shop with the products to guarantee a stop selling. You must send us a “Stop Selling – Order”.

What we need from you so that you can be registered on our website
1) Name of the company, name of the owner / s, VAT ID, email address, telephone number, and address of the company. For payment processing a PayPal account and / or a Visa or Mastercard. Any certificates and awards you have acquired for your goods are the best tools for increasing sales.
2. We´ll be glad to help you to do the first steps for your store on our – Shop, for the representation for your first 5 products and your registration. You can send us the photos and information about the guidelines and terms and conditions with return policy.
3. The first 5 product- settings by us will be listed and will be free of charge. For further productsettings you must pay a basic fee of 10 euros per product.
4. Our commission includes 15% of the net sales price, including VAT. A comission to greekmarketsquare is due when a product is ordered but not available. Your avalability must be checked and updated regularly, this applies also for ordered but not shipped products.

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