Leather belts, wallets and bags from Crete / Greece

Who doesn´t know the typical leather shops of Crete in the leather alleys where family businesses offer traditional fine handcrafting, leather shoes and leather belts with a creative design. We are always inspired by this Greek craftsmanship, it is our favorite souvenir for gifts and Christmas presents. Yes, we are almost expected to bring leather belts and wallets from Crete. We would like to pass on this enthusiasm for beautiful leather goods from Crete to you. We recommend the experience and knowledge of the two family run companies they have been working for this art for several generations. High-quality processing of leather belts, leather bags and wallets at absolutely fair prices. These companies are leaders for the continuation of traditions and values ​​and strive to perform a customer-oriented very good performance, even with the shipping service, it works very well! Both family companies work personally, responsibly and warmly.

Our recommendations for handmade leather goods are coming soon