thank you for your interest to be a vendor on greekmarketsquare.com 

Dashboard Instructions

Here you see your menu left and the last orders and some marketng information


You have to go to the settings and vistit the store.

Here you have to fulfil your vendor profil with simple store name, select the store categories you want to be listend. Important are the terms and conditions, your refund policy.  And it is good to inform your customer about your biography, how you work, why your work or products are unique or something special. All whats makes you interesting for the customer. This helps a lot for selling. 

  1. Before you can add your products online on greekmarketsquare, you have to set your individual shippings costs and the standard times for delivery. (At this form you do not have to show your shippings and refund policy, because we show them at your store. But you can fulfil this points.)
  2. Our systems offers you different typs of calculation your shippings costs. You can choose if you calculate by subtotal, no of items, or by weight. So you are very flexible to find the cheapest way for shipping for your customer. Whenever possible offer a free shipping … ( offer this service in your online store on greekmarketsquare, before you show your terms…) The shippings costs from Greece to central Europe are not cheap, so it is good to create some packages with some items of you, where the shippings costes are in better relation as to a single product. Expecially for the christmas business it is important to offer bundels. 
  3. You can combine your shippings costs with a single country, or to a region like Europe, like you want. For you it is important to check wich shipping company is the best, cheapest for your products. Like DHL, TNT…
  4. If you need support for the settings, we can make it for you, if you send us the prices, information we need. This service is for free. 
  1. Go to the dashboard menu and products. Now you can add your fist product. Write the name of the product, uplaod the main photo of your product (minimim 500 px, max 2 MB) in the best quality you have. Price and discount is clear. The short desciption of your item the customer will see it under our shipping calculator on the product side. 
  2. This is the first information the customer will see, before scrolling…And this is the text google shows often in the search lists. So take a second to optimize this for google too. 
  3. Select your product category. If you think, your product needs a new, an other category, please send us an e-mail and we will check, if we can addit for you. 
  4. Tags are some connected search words for your product which will be listend on greekmarketsquare.com. Example. You will sell honey, write honey and you see, that honey exsists. But you can create new, more slugs witch describs your product better. 
  5. The Description is the main description the customer will see under the photos. 
  6. After fullfilling this basic product informations you have to save the information and the item is added. Now you can start with the settings of the product details. A new site (edit )will start. 
  1. When you open and edit your product you see the important point: product type. Here you have to select if you have a single product without variations. If you have a product like a belt with different sizes and colors you have to select a variable product. (the settings therefor will come later).
  2. Important is the flied enventory. Here you have to fulfil your SKU (Stock Keeping Unit). The code you see in the order for your product and the stock status.
  3. Seo are the meta-informations for the search engines like google. The main keyword, site titel and metadiscription. If you spends a little bit time for some meaningful words it helps to find and sell your product
  4. Shipping and tax. Please fullfil the weight (example 100 gr = 0.100) and dimensions. Do not change the setting of the shipping class, because we work with shippings tabels, you have setted before. You products have to be taxable. Please select VAT GR 24% for the standard tax. The reduced tax are 13%. 
  5. Linked Products you can choose to show them in the cart or checkout. Example. If you want to push a product the customer has to see, select it.  
  6. Attribute and Variation. This flied is very important to use if you sell variable products, like a belt in different sizes and colors. Add a new attribute and set the varions like this: —-black| yellow| red. Activate your additional information and do not forget to safe it. (when you select your product online, you will see that the customer can choose the color he wants and you will get this information automaticly in the order details) . The additional informations are important for the product site too. Here you can write special things about your product, like materials, all things the customer has to now about it or helps to sell it.
  7. With the Discount Options you can set discount by minimum quantity
  8. The RMA Options you do not have to fullfil here, because we show them in your store on greekmarketsquare, the customer can see in the cart and checkout too. 
  9. The other options are self-explanatory