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about us

We are a couple, experts for Greece, supporting several small renowned companies, successful artists, farms recognized, and government controlled organic producers and small craft production firms of Greece

Our long term experience as experts for traveling in Greece allow us to arrange best self drive tours and packages for Greece. With our greekmarketsquare.com we extend our selling-program with Best of Greek Products. Greece is our second home. We are commuters between Greece and Germany. Our Sales-Office is in Germany.  The combination between the Mediterranean lightness with the German safety standard and customers care defines our business world of greekmarketsquare.com. A good European symbiosis that has developed over the years. Our working as travel – experts from Greece, we understand what customers are looking for and to anticipate future needs. we take ownership and understand customer demands. Dealers and the final customers trust the quality, performance and service associated with greekmarketsquare.com, quality is our brand’s image. Moreover, we are proud of our good business relations with Greece and Greek dealers.

Thanks to our excellent relationships to many small Greek businesses, we present a market place with selected fine Greek products in our shop.


Our clients

On the trail of old & new Greece, in search of the secret of their way of life

Whether families, couples, singles, academics, or artists … most of our customers are Greece lovers and friends of the Greek way of life. Our discerning customers seeking organic products and, of course, preferably products that are handmade, which differ from the globalized markets.


Our dealer network

Inspired by nature, the magic light of the Mediterranean. And by the legacies from the antiquity for body & soul.

Our dealers are small family run businesses and manufacturers with skilled craftsmanship enriching our company with their distinctive appreciation for aesthetic and artistic arrangements. Our artists for jewellery & design and handicrafts are popular and some of them exhibit at trade international fairs. Some of the companies continue its proud past and looks forward to a successful future. We are proud to present our Greek reliable partners with their products under the brand greekmarketsquare.com. Crete is renowned for its best olive oil, organic cosmetics and many local specialties. Together with all our partners in Greece we created a market place for the best products of Greece. You’ll see that organic products and artist work don’t have to be expensive. Combined with Greek, traditional and modern art, local and renowned artists offer objects of incomparable quality. Art that is also affordable.